Chinese superstar and brand ambassador Cai Xukun embroiled in sex scandal rumors

Rumors are swirling that Prada ambassador Cai Xukun is embroiled in a sex scandal. Watching how netizens and brands react will provide insight into China’s complex arena of celebrity culture. 

What Happened: Chinese social media was abuzz after a local paparazzo claimed that Cai Xukun had engaged in a one-night stand with a woman years ago, who later became pregnant. According to the unsubstantiated allegation, he requested that she undergo an abortion, which she eventually did.

The hashtag “Cai Xukun Ms. C Abortion” has gained massive traction on Weibo, amassing nearly 2.7 billion reads within two days and sparking nearly 200,000 discussions. The popular star boasts 38.6 million followers on the platform and is the representative of over 40 brands, including big names such as Prada, Givenchy Beauty, TAG Hauer and Clé de Peau Beauté.

The Jing Take: The Chinese pop star and owner of three production houses has not yet responded to the allegations. None of the brands he represents, including Prada, Givenchy and Tag Hauer, have announced the termination of their partnership in response to the scandal. But no doubt they will be watching the situation carefully.

The silence is perhaps surprising considering the hypersensitivity of Chinese idol fans, who can go into hysterics when news of a scandal, proven or not, spreads like wildfire online. Brands who have signed endorsement deals with big Chinese celebrities are typically pressured to drop them on moral grounds when an alleged scandal comes to light.

Due to various controversies involving Prada’s past Chinese celebrity ambassadors including Ke Zhendong, Zheng Shuang, and Li Yifeng, who have subsequently left the entertainment industry, Chinese netizens jokingly commented on Prada’s unfortunate luck when picking their local talent. Continue to read the full article here