China’s Biggest Celebrity Controversies in 2021

2021 was quite the year for celebrity controversies in China. Here, Jing Daily looks at the top moments of the year that has passed. 

This year, luxury brands went on a roller coaster of outrages, scandals, and celebrity fallouts. From Louis Vuitton dropping Kris Wu after his #MeToo allegations to Lanvin scrubbing the posts of Word of Honor’s star Zhang Zhehan over a selfie gone wrong, the fashion industry got rocked by several unexpected controversies.

For brands, these often unexpected scandals show that luxury must be more aware of cultural sensitivities in China. They can do that by investing in more in-depth background research on celebrity profiles before signing partnerships and endorsement agreements.

Decisive action is vital, especially as Chinese authorities came down hard on idol culture this year and criticized platforms that make stars out of “unworthy individuals.” Here, Jing Daily selects the top moments of 2021 that defined celebrity relations in China. For more of our 2021 end-of-year reviews, read here.

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