China, Russia Team up to Take on ‘The Avengers’ with Communist Superheroes

China and Russia are teaming up to take on The Avengers with their own squad of Communist superheroes.


Guardians (世纪战元), or Zaschitniki as it’s known in Russian, is set to hit screens in Russia next month and is likely to come to China at some stage.

The film, by Russian-Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan, is being billed as Russia’s answer to Marvel’s superhero adventures.

Set during the Cold War, Guardians follows a superhero squad made up of members from multiple soviet republics including a mini-gun-toting bear and a woman who can turn into water (and “make a good borscht”).

The mutant squad is recruited by the government to fight against some sort of evil supervillain who is threatening the former Soviet Union.

Now reports from local Chinese media suggest that the sequel, which has already been greenlit, will include Chinese characters and will be partially filmed in China.

Maybe in the near future the Soviet superheroes will join forces with Captain China for a cross-border communist blockbuster franchise?

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