China Bans Effeminate Men and Abnormal Esthetics From TV

China’s male idols are on the chopping block once again as authorities ban “sissy men” on TV. What will brands do with their pretty ambassadors? 

What Happened: It’s the final curtain for China’s “Little Fresh Meat.” On September 2, Chinese authorities announced a ban on “sissy men and other abnormal esthetics” on TV, encouraging broadcasters to “promote excellent Chinese traditional culture” instead.

In the latest crackdown on entertainment, video platforms are barred from airing idol development programs (think Youth With You and Produce Camp) as well as reality shows featuring celebrity children. On top of this, minors are prohibited from participating in idol groups, while artists who have violated the law and “lost morality” cannot return to work — sealing the fate of China’s canceled celebrities. According to regulators, these new rules are designed to address problems like wealth flaunting and celebrity worship and cultivate respect for morality.

The Jing Take: This isn’t the first time China’s “girly” men have gotten flak from the state. In the past, authorities have gone as far as censoring male earrings on TV and tying “Little Fresh Meat” to a CIA plot to feminize the country’s men. Just this March, the Ministry of Education even proposed “masculinity” training for students through physical education classes — although little has been heard about this initiative since. Continue to read the full article here