Celebrities Put Their Might Behind China’s Sustainability Agenda

A sustainability-focused exhibition in Shanghai is showcasing donated pieces from Chinese stars, including model Liu Wen and Chanel ambassador Zhou Xun. 

As awareness of the current climate emergency grows, attitudes towards sustainable fashion are changing in major Chinese cities — a trend which is expected to trickle down to lower-tier areas. According to Daxue Consulting Green Guilt Report 2022, 77 percent of surveyed consumers (75 percent of whom are based in first-tier cities) are willing to pay 5-20 percent extra for sustainable fashion products, with up to 20 percent of upper-class Chinese consumers open to paying double for such lines.

A leading fashion capital, Shanghai is not a city to miss out on movements like this. From July 22 to August 2, the historic building at 52 Yongfu Road, Xuhui District will host “ULIO: The Sustainable Fashion Exhibition.” Over 30 artists, designers, and industry leaders have been invited to showcase 52 art pieces across 4,300 square meters, each examining the fashion industry’s relationship with nature and looking at new and alternative answers to sustainability.

A special project unveiled at the exhibition, “Can You Recall 情感旧衣,” will feature items such as Liu Wen’s first evening dress from Alexander Wang, Chanel ambassador Zhou Xun’s first Chanel haute couture suit, and Lanvin’s archival pieces designed by Alber Elbaz. With the aim of extending the life cycle of a garment, celebrities, designers, and other prominent figures have donated treasured pieces to the cause. Continue to read the full article here