‘Warcraft‘ Windfall a Watershed Moment for Hollywood in China

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CFI sees the film grossing below $250M, leaving Disney’s Zootopia with a shot at holding onto the top imported film slot of the year. Read More

Money in Search of Top Projects, China Studio Executives Say

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Mergers and acquisitions in China’s film industry have jumped recently with 125 domestic transactions taking place since 2015 in deals totaling RMB 92.7million. Read More

Universal Pictures’ ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ to Get August China Release?

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Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures' "The Secret Life of Pets" is expected to be released to China in August 2, a little under a month after its North American release. Read More

On Screen China: ‘Warcraft’ Flouts Reviews, Draws Mostly-Male Crowd

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The film got 8.3 /10 on cultural website Douban, driven mostly by pre-existing fans. Read More

Copycat China: Domestic Films Quick to Duplicate Title Words, Themes

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The Chinese language is known for its four vocal tones and complex system of written characters. Say a word with the wrong tone, or scrawl an errant stroke when crafting a character, and you can completely derail your intended meaning. But in China’s film industry, some are seeing the elasticity of the Chinese language as Read More

Chinese Online Gaming Firm Giant Interactive Gets into Pictures

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China’s video games industry is estimated to be worth $24.4 billion this year. Read More

China Box Office: ’Apocalypse’ Starts Big but ‘Warcraft’ Opening will Clip its Wings

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Had Fox been able to secure a day-and-date release mutants of 'Apocalypse' might have had a bigger shot. We predict a $110 million gross. Read More

On Screen China: May 2016 Box Office Recap, Sales Slip Year-on-Year

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Year-to-date, Chinese films hold the edge overall, accounting for 62% of the total box office, but June should balance things out for Hollywood. Read More

Legendary Launches Marketing Blitz for ‘Warcraft’ in China

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Less-than-stellar reviews haven’t blunted the high level of anticipation in China where the game the film is based on is hugely popular. Read More

Copyright Takedowns in China, Part V: The End of Online Anonymity?

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Copyright infringers in China are only required to identify themselves to the copyright owner if the infringers object to the takedown. Read More