Bilibili Debuts on Steam with Two New Games

The Con Simulator (Image credit: Bilibili)

Bilibili, the Chinese video sharing and ACG (animation, comic and game) community, has made its debut on the world’s top video game distribution platform, Steam, as the publisher for two new titles of The Con Simulator and Invaxion, expanding to the PC gaming sector. Neither are available for purchase, but are listed on the Steam platform.

Developed by DGSpitzer, The Con Simulator is a simulation game for players who are dreaming about organizing their own comic con. Invaxion is a music-themed casual game developed by Nanjing based-developer Aquatrax. The two games will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

Started as a video streaming site, Blibili quickly grows to be the hub for China’s 2D culture, which is characterized by fans that develop a strong attachment to 2D characters in cartoons, table cards, comics, games, and novels. As an important part of the sub-culture as well as a highly lucrative business, gaming has become a core business and major revenue source for the company.

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Revenue from mobile games, where the company has been focused so far, surged 61% year-on-year to $119.5 million, accounting for 77% of the total $155.1 million revenues booked in the quarter ended June 30. Expanding into PC video sector would further brace up the company’s gaming business.

But tapping into China’s highly crowded gaming sector isn’t an easy task when facing competition from industry giants like Tencent and NetEase. What’s more, the whole industry has felt the chill wind of a halt in game approvals during a countrywide content crackdown. Tencent reported profit a decline in the second quarter.

Stricter government control is also exerting pressure on the company’s core business. Along with 19 video apps, the company’s ACG-focused video app was ordered on a month-long suspension by the state for inappropriate content. The company, however, claimed that this wouldn’t have an overall negative effect on their business.


–This article originally appears on Technode