Barbie’s AI Makeover, Plus Nars Puts NFTs Back on the Beauty Map: Web3 Drops of the Week

Barbie can be anything. She can be the president, an astronaut, a chief sustainability officer and, now, a member of London’s queer nightlife scene. It’s all thanks to the Institute of Digital Fashion, which, in tandem with Barbie’s appearance on the big screen last weekend, has reimagined the doll to celebrate the rich culture of the club nights in London’s queer community.

In other news from this week, Nars’ Orgasm product range has withstood the test of time since the 1990s. Whereas other contenders dropped off as the beauty industry expanded — ushering in new trends such as “clean beauty” and “glam grunge” with it — no product has succeeded in knocking the peachy-pink infusion off its cosmetics throne. Now, Nars is taking its legendary hero line into the metaverse, in the form of female-focused NFT artworks and augmented-reality (AR) filters. Read on below for our verdict on the project.

The Institute of Digital Fashion taps artificial intelligence to celebrate Barbie and London’s queer club scene

What Happened: The Institute of Digital Fashion has launched a new campaign for, and inspired by, London’s queer nightlife crowd. Arriving in the form of a timely Barbie doll, just ahead of the blockbuster’s big release last weekend, the digital fashion marketplace dropped six doll designs that each represent one of London’s most iconic queer club nights.

The ‘These Barbies Are Queer’ campaign, created using artificial intelligence (AI), strips the toys of their trademark fuschia garments, instead taking on the city’s cultural codes of subversive androgynous fashion, vibrant colors, and latex. Continue to read the full article here