‘Jiang Ziya’ and the Unbearable Lightness of Bourgeois Humanism

 /  China Film Insiders  / 
The real-life Jiang Ziya was a bold strategist who overthrew a tyrant. His cinematic counterpart mostly mopes — and audiences seem to like it that way. Read More

On China’s ‘Rap for Youth,’ the Medium Is the Message

 /  Music  / 
The mainstreaming of rap is part of a broader effort to reach younger audiences through their favorite genres and hobbies. Read More

‘Sisters’ Act: The Hollow Feminism of China’s Hottest New Show

 /  Opinion  / 
Between progressive politics and drama, producers will always choose the latter. But that doesn’t mean the show isn’t worth watching. Read More

Where Are All the Chinese Talk Shows?

 /  Opinion  / 
Programs like “The Daily Show” are popular with Chinese audiences, but that doesn’t mean the country will be producing its own version any time soon. Read More

The Empty Consumerism of China’s ‘Queer Eye’ Clone

 /  Opinion  / 
What happens when you take the “queer” out of “Queer Eye”? Read More


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