Schwarzenegger Signs for $200 Million Chinese Epic, Wraps Jackie Chan Film

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is making himself at home in China, signing up for a $200 million Chinese historical epic, and filming scenes for a new movie with Jackie Chan. Read More

Could ‘Journey to the West’ Be China’s Next Box Office Champ?

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Two legends of Chinese cinema are teaming up for a sequel to a screen adaptation of one of China's favorite stories, an effort that could topple existing box office records. Read More

Chinese Films Take Top Honors at Asia’s Largest Film Festival

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Two Chinese directors shared Asia's largest film festival's top prize, as the event's audience saw a sharp decline in a crossroads year. Read More

‘Monkey King’s Daughter’ Novels to Get Film Treatment

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A series of young adult novels based on the daughter of the Chinese legendary character the Monkey King will get a film treatment as a US-China co-production. Read More

Money in Search of Top Projects, China Studio Executives Say

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Mergers and acquisitions in China’s film industry have jumped recently with 125 domestic transactions taking place since 2015 in deals totaling RMB 92.7million. Read More

Universal Pictures’ ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ to Get August China Release?

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Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures' "The Secret Life of Pets" is expected to be released to China in August 2, a little under a month after its North American release. Read More


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