Delayed Chinese War Drama ‘The Eight Hundred’ Cleared for Release

 /  Film  / 
The long-awaited film is expected to generate sorely needed revenue for an industry hammered by the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

Series Sheds Light on China’s Dodgy Internet Addiction Schools

 /  Game  / 
Yang Yongxin and his infamous school for treating internet addiction have been incorporated into the new online series “CrossFire” as a reminder of the Chinese esports community’s traumatic history. Read More

Chinese Rapper’s Viral Post Sheds Light on ‘Workplace PUA’

 /  Celebrity  / 
After Yamy called out the head of her agency for constantly manipulating and belittling her, thousands have come forward with stories about their own horrible bosses. Read More

China’s Internet Regulator Wants Online Fan Groups to Simmer Down

 /  Legal  / 
A new two-month campaign from the Cyberspace Administration of China will strictly monitor minors’ online activities. Called Clear & Bright, the initiative aims to prohibit children from accessing and posting violent or pornographic content, or “inappropriate cartoons” that have a bad influence on teenagers, as well as “worshipping idols without a bottom line.” Read More

Are China’s Pretty Little Rebels Woke or Nope?

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Despite all-female idol shows trying to break from tradition, critics argue that producers and viewers aren’t yet ready for a complete overhaul. Read More

Bilibili Fined $8,500 Over Copyright Violations

 /  News  / 
The video-streaming site was sued for failing to take action against a user who had uploaded audio from the 2018 hit film “Dying to Survive.” Read More

Father Tells His Coming-Out Story in Daughter’s Documentary

 /  Film  / 
A family in eastern China and the gay bar they semi-secretly own are at the heart of “1001 Nights.” Read More

Subculture Sellouts: Kuaishou and Bilibili Embrace Normcore

 /  Opinion  / 
Long known as havens for China’s marginalized, nerdy, and just plain weird, the two video platforms are trading their grassroots cred for a more yuppie-friendly image. Read More

Beijing to Disburse 3 Million Yuan to Struggling Cinemas

 /  News  / 
Movie theaters in the city will receive $1,600 on average from a special development fund that is normally allocated toward subsidizing film productions and building new cinemas. Read More

Women Rule, Men Drool in China’s Hottest New Show

 /  TV  / 
In the gender-bending period drama “The Romance of Tiger and Rose,” women command armies while men dream of domestic bliss. Read More


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