China’s Restrictions on Capital Outflows Extend to the Movie Business

 /  Legal  / 
Chinese industry executives at the UCLA Entertainment Symposium agreed that getting money out of China was difficult and becoming more so. Read More

Chinese Trademark Registration Certificates Become Unavailable

 /  Legal  / 
The latest in a series of relevant posts for anybody doing business in China from our content partners at the China Law Blog. Read More

China Merchandising Rights: Legal Victory for Dreamworks on “Kung Fu Panda” Trademark

 /  Legal  / 
Not long ago, the Beijing Higher People’s Court ruled against a trademark squatter, Hu Xiaozhong (胡晓中), who had attempted to register the phrase “Kung Fu Panda” for a variety of automotive-related products such as children's carseats, seat headrests, and steering wheel covers. Read More

China Film Revenue: Who Watches the Watchers?

 /  Legal  / 
As reported last week, the Motion Picture Association of America has signed an agreement with China Film Group Corporation that will allow US rights owners to realize more money from film exhibition in China. Read More


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