Have China’s ‘Traffic Stars’ Become Toxic For Beauty Brands?

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In China’s unique and intense fandom culture, beauty brands are especially attuned to fast-track rising stars from TV shows, quickly appointing them brand ambassadors. Read More

The Limits of Luxury Livestreaming

 /  News  / 
A year of COVID-fueled lockdowns led to the use of livestreaming to reach Chinese consumers, but luxury brands must do it right. Read More

To KOL Or Not To KOL In China

 /  News  / 
Working with the right KOLs is how brands have traditionally tapped into China’s affluent, young consumer base. But are KOLs too risky today? Read More

The Dark Side of China’s Idol Economies

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
While China’s idol economy remains a lucrative territory, this incident has revealed its dark side, and an intensified culture of cyberviolence, irrational fandom, and digital censorship are all risk factors that brands now have to face in this increasingly volatile market. Read More


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