Chinese New Year Gala Targets a Familiar Group: Unmarried Millennials

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China’s annual TV extravaganza won plaudits for its tribute to the people of Wuhan, but also provoked pushback with tired gags about young singles. Read More

China’s Box Office Smashes Holiday Record as Crowds Pack Cinemas

 /  Box Office  / 
With fewer Chinese traveling over the Lunar New Year due to COVID-19, the country’s cinemas have raked in over 6 billion yuan in just five days. Read More

Film Festival Tickets Scalped for $215 on Secondhand Marketplace

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With limited seating capacity as a precaution against the coronavirus, ticket demand for the Shanghai International Film Festival has soared. Read More

China’s Cash-Strapped Millennials Embrace a New Trend: Thrift

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Many young Chinese developed lavish spending habits during an era of rapid economic growth. Now, they’re learning to cut back. Read More

Tribute to Medical Staff Steals the Show at Spring Festival Gala

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Performances for the world’s most-watched television event are usually planned months in advance, but the most memorable one this year was a last-minute addition in light of the ongoing public health crisis. Read More

Court Rules Against Studio That Charged for Child Actor Roles

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A father whose son was promised a ‘No. 1 role’ in a film will recoup half the fees he paid for his kid’s three scenes and one line. Read More


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