Celebrities Are Everywhere in China, Even in Textbooks

 /  Celebrity  / 
Megastars like Xiao Zhan are putting the “model” back in “role model,” but opponents have criticized pop culture-friendly teaching materials as frivolous. Read More

New ‘Self-Discipline’ Rules Could Blacklist China’s Celebrities

 /  Celebrity  / 
Expert says an official regulation aimed at holding celebrities to a higher moral standard than laypeople could disproportionately target women. Read More

Undeterred by Potential Ban, Chinese Line Up for Clubhouse

 /  Social  / 
Invitation codes to Clubhouse are becoming a coveted commodity in China, though many wonder whether the largely unmoderated chat room app has a future in the country. Read More

TV Host Sorry for Accepting Gifts From Celebrity Guests’ Fans

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
He Jiong’s co-host on one program was also reportedly selling lavish gifts from appreciative “fan circles” on a secondhand marketplace. Read More

Chinese Viewers Denounce Short Film on Surrogacy

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
The filmmakers say their work — produced as part of a reality TV series — was never intended to encourage a practice that is officially banned in China. Read More

Chinese Actor Threatens Legal Action Against Catfishing Imposters

 /  Celebrity  / 
Several accounts on short-video platforms claiming to be Jin Dong were found to be deceiving his fans — especially women of a certain age. Read More

Taking Aim at Corporate Hierarchy, NetEase Backs Staff Nicknames

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
In a move toward dismantling the rigid corporate hierarchy common at many Chinese companies, game developer NetEase is allowing employees to choose their own preferred nicknames. Read More


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