Trending in China: Japanese Viewers’ Complaints About Sexist Manga Cartoon Go Viral in China

 /  Animations  / 
An online petition started in Japan about the apparent inappropriate sexual behavior of a character in the popular animated Manga TV series Doraemon has attracted the attention of Chinese social media and sparked discussions on the limits of acceptable behavior for cartoon characters. Read More

Team Effort VS Individualism – What is the Message Behind Box Office Smash Hit Volleyball Movie ‘Leap’?

 /  Film  / 
While general comments about the movie have trended online some people have questioned the overall message of the movie and whether individualism trumps team effort. Read More

Reality TV Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons as Star Picks Endangered Flower

 /  TV  / 
In the latest episode of the television series “Go Fighting,” a Chinese reality show promoting customs and cultures of Western China, a celebrity picks a flower in the wilds of Tibet, only for netizens to later point out it was an endangered plant, arousing criticism from environmentalists. Read More


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