Aha Lolo: The Influencer Duo Popularizing Fashion Criticism In The Digital Era

In an age of post-pandemic digital transformation, the Chinese influencer duo Aha Lolo has been heavily disrupting traditional fashion criticism.

London-based Chinese fashion influencer duo Aha Lolo has racked up a combined social following of 2.8 million since debuting during the COVID-19 outbreak. Distinct from typical influencers who acquire fame by posting stylish looks or impressive shopping hauls, the rapid growth of Aha Lolo can mainly be attributed to its video runway reviews on YouTube, Weibo, and the Gen-Z favorite, Bilibili.

Founded by Aha, a jewelry designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins, and Lolo, a fashion director, the namesake channel was inspired by digital runways, which have seen a surge in demand since the pandemic. In response to this trend, the two insiders started sharing their reactions to presentations, shows, and the history behind these brands in a series of disruptive videos.

So far, renowned houses such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga, alongside relatively niche names in China like Maison Margiela and Jil Sander, have all featured on their checklist. Their delivery, which involves dressing casually, using hilarious memes, and following engaging scripts, allows their videos to challenge stigmas of traditional fashion criticism — often uses obscure or flowery rhetoric — published on established fashion outlets.

Aha Lolo’s gossipy discussions have also elevated the accessibility of the veteran house legacies that shaped today’s fashion scene. Here, Jing Daily spoke with the two influencers about their take on fashion criticism in the digital age and their role in connecting luxury houses and audiences. Continue to read the full article here