‘A Little Reunion’ Dives Headlong Into China’s Thorniest Themes

The popular drama series has been well-received by viewers, who appreciate that it hasn’t shied away from weighty social issues.

A still frame from “A Little Reunion”

A Chinese drama that has sparked a storm of discussion on contemporary social issues since its premiere just over a month ago aired its final episode Tuesday.

“A Little Reunion” tells the story of three Beijing high schoolers as they and their families prepare for the gaokao, China’s notoriously difficult and hugely important college entrance examinations. The gaokao is often a family affair in China, with parents going to great and sometimes absurd lengths to ensure that their children are well-prepared to excel on the tests and secure coveted spots at top universities.

The series has been widely praised for its acting, pacing, and dialogue, earning an 8.3 average rating on the often unforgiving review website Douban. But the aspect of the show that has attracted the most attention is the Pandora’s box of topics it touches on. Over the course of 49 episodes, it covers parenting, education, depression and mental healthstay-at-home dadsaging, health product scams that prey upon the elderly, and even sexual harassment in the workplace. How the show deals with each of these themes has triggered a deluge of conversations, articles, and trending hashtags on the Chinese internet. Continue to read the full article here.


– This article originally appeared on Sixth Tone.