A Brief History of China’s Tomboy Heartthrobs

‘Produce 101’ contestant Sunnee is only the most recent in a long line of androgynous pop idols.

photo: Weibo.

With her short hair dyed ash blond, Sunnee stood out from the other contestants as soon as she appeared onstage. Rather than “pretty,” “cute,” or “glamorous,” her fans describe her as “handsome.”

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But the public is no stranger to her style: Chinese audiences have embraced several androgynous idols over the years. Many still remember the 2005 season of singing competition “Super Girl,” when millions of viewers tuned in to see Li Yuchun — then a boyish 21-year-old — win the finale with over 3 million votes cast by text message.

Here are a few of China’s most beloved butch divas who blur conventional gender roles and defy beauty standards. Continue to read the full article here.


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