CBI Video: Tencent Weishi Stages a Return to Peppa Village

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Director Zhang Dapeng takes viewers back to the rural hamlet of last year's viral hit "What is Peppa?," this time on behalf of Tencent’s short video platform Weishi. Read More

CBI Video: Nike Explores Urban Cultures to Connect With Young Consumers 

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In April, Nike released a series of humorous short videos directed by Zhang Dapeng with the title “Believe a Beijinger” that poke fun at the stereotype of the city’s residents as being “all talk, no action.” Read More

CBI Video: Philips Reveals the Emotional Turmoil of Chinese Men

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To mark the 80th anniversary of its electric shaver, Dutch conglomerate Philips created an emotional 20-minute film, “Chinese Men’s Truth or Dare," directed by Zhang Dapeng. Read More

Headlines From China: Why Kuaishou’s Quality Content Play Is So Important

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As Kuaishou gears up for its $6 billion IPO in Hong Kong next month, the video platform is enhancing its efforts to become a source of high-quality content. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Spring Festival Campaigns, Entertainment Awards

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Spring Festival marketing efforts are in full swing, with brands releasing a slew of limited edition products, gift boxes and branded films to mark the coming Year of the Rat, along with special events around the holiday. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Vertical Video, Brands on TV and Video

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Vertical programming is on the rise in China with traditional broadcasters and streaming services creating new shows and using the vertical format to promote their other offerings. Read More

CBI Video: Yili Satine Mines Family Conflict to Promote Organic Yogurt

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“What Is Organic Life?” takes a counterintuitive approach to promote dairy giant Yili’s Satine line of organic drinking yogurt, exposing the uncomfortable reality of a well-off urban family’s home life. Read More

On Screen China: 2019 Chinese New Year Films

 /  News  / 
Three of the eight films are sequels. Two are science fiction films. Shen Teng is the leading actor in two of them. Sun Wukong ("Monkey King") does not seem to be in any of the films. And a pig can be seen in at least two of the films. Read More

February Screenings of Chinese-Language Films in NYC and Los Angeles

 /  Guide  / 
February Highlights: the first big-budget Chinese sci-fi movie "The Wandering Earth," Jackie Chan's classics "Police Story" & "Police Story 2," sneak preview of Jia Zhangke's "Ash Is Purest White," and more. Read More


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