Headlines From China: Why Kuaishou’s Quality Content Play Is So Important

Why Kuaishou’s Quality Content Play Is So Important

As Kuaishou gears up for its $6 billion IPO in Hong Kong next month, the video platform is enhancing its efforts to become a source of high-quality content, as it evolves from its roots as a source of earthy amateur videos made by and for residents of lower-tier cities and rural areas. The platform has launched a “Warm Cinema” as a Lunar New Year gift of sorts to its core audience, featuring a series of short films made by the internationally acclaimed Jia Zhangke, notable brand film director Zhang Dapeng, production company Mahua FunAge, and Kuaishou creator Wonderful Museum. Each of the films was inspired by real-life experiences of ordinary Kuaishou users, deploying top-notch production values to transform them into the heartwarming narratives of family, friendship, love, and nostalgia. Read more Content Commerce Insider

Top Singers to Raise Child Out of Wedlock Drops Another Bomb on Chinese Social Media

Last Friday, two Chinese top-tier singers Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen suddenly revealed on social media platform Weibo that they had a baby together back in 2018 and have agreed to raise the child together without getting into marriage. The news dropped another bomb on Chinese social media following the surrogacy scandal involving Chinese actress Zheng Shuang that generated wide discussions a week ago. Some netizens supported the celebrities’ choice, saying that raising children should not be automatically tied to marriage. Others noted that having children out of wedlock can cause many social problems and should not be promoted. Read more Global Times