ByteDance Employee Jailed for Charging Users to Boost Their Posts

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The content promoter on the Chinese version of TikTok had amassed over $91,000 over two years. Read More

ByteDance Pushes Into Property With New Real Estate Broker’s License

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ByteDance Inc. is gearing up to enter China’s highly regulated rental housing market after obtaining a real estate broker’s license. Read More

ByteDance Has a New Educational Video App for Young Users

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Xiao Qu Xing is only available for users under the age of 21, who can use the platform for around 30 minutes per day. Read More

Headlines From China: ByteDance Founder Zhang Yiming to Step Down as CEO

 /  Box Office  / 
ByteDance Founder Zhang Yiming to Step Down as CEO. Read More

ByteDance Goes on Hiring Frenzy in China

 /  Technology  / 
ByteDance is embarking on a hiring spree in China despite facing pushback in some of its overseas markets as the company accelerates its business expansion. Read More

Not Just Trending Videos, ByteDance Invests in E-Literature Firm IReader

 /  Technology  / 
ByteDance is further expanding into the e-book market with a sizable investment in one of China’s largest digital literature companies. Read More

Headlines from China: TikTok Deal is About to Close, ByteDance Plans US IPO For TikTok Global

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The Beijing-based Internet giant Bytedance, is planning to list TikTok Global—the joint venture set up in the latest TikTok deal, in U.S. stock market should its proposed deal be cleared by the U.S. government. Read More

TikTok Parent ByteDance Could Counter Trump Order With Lawsuit

 /  Legal  / 
Executive orders from the White House banning two of the most popular Chinese-owned mobile apps are the latest escalation in a technological standoff between the United States and China. Read More

ByteDance to Close Smaller Short Video App in India, Focus on TikTok

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Chinese tech unicorn ByteDance has announced it will shut down its lesser-known video sharing app Vigo Video in India by Oct. 31, as its flagship TikTok app gains traction in the South Asian country. Read More

TikTok Owner ByteDance Increasing Indian Operations: Reports

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ByteDance is reportedly opening its second corporate entity in India to provide information technology services to all of its platforms worldwide, the latest sign that the Chinese tech unicorn is expanding its global footprint. Read More


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