2022’s Top 6 Chinese KOLs You Need To Know

Rising KOLs are reshaping China’s lucrative consumer market. Who should be on your radar if you want to reach new audiences and spur revenue for your brand?

As China continues its crackdown on celebrities and influencers, the entertainment industry is undergoing a complete reshuffle. With the fall of key personalities, namely Deng Lun, Viya, and Cherie Li, new ones are seeing a meteoric rise and taking over their positions. These unusual KOLs — such as fitness trainer Liu Genghong, New Oriental’s English course teacher Dong Yuhui, @CrazyLittleBrotherYang and @Diandilahai from lower-tier cities — alongside fashion influencers Fil Xiaobai and Jia Zhang are reshaping China’s lucrative consumer market.

Brands must pay attention to these faces in the coming new year. Jing Daily takes a look at China’s top KOLs of 2022. Continue to read the full article here