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  • CEO of CREATIVE BOMB, Yup Ma. Photo: TechNode

The Animated Film Industry is Taking off in China with Help from South Korea and Japan

Following the biggest year for animation ever at China's box office, Japanese and South Korean amimators are looking to cash in on the Chinese cinema market.
By |January 11th, 2017|Featured Stories, News|
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This Shanghai-based Startup is Showing off Its AR Magnifier at CES

NEOBEAR is debuting MAGNEO, an Augmented Reality (AR) intelligent device developed for children, allowing them to better understand the world and greatly broaden their imagination.
By |January 6th, 2017|Featured Stories, News, Uncategorized|
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TechNode’s Top VR and AR Stories of 2016

From arcades to humanity’s greatest obsessions, from this year’s biggest disappointment to Korean startups, we present you with the top VR and AR stories from our site this year.
By |December 27th, 2016|Featured Stories, News|
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LeEco Talks About Its ‘Overstretched’ Overseas Expansion

A letter from LeEco’s CEO Jia Yueting published on Monday showed that the company’s expansion to the U.S. had gone too far, because of limited capital and resources, resulting in “an apparent lack of momentum” in various businesses.
By |November 10th, 2016|Featured Stories, News|
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China’s Virtual Reality Investment is Moving its Focus to Content

Chinese investors are now increasingly seeking quality virtual reality content rather than hardware.
By |October 19th, 2016|Featured Stories, News, Technology|
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How Youku Allocates Its Hefty Content Budget and Commercialization Plans

There are plenty of ardent supporters of the philosophy that "content is king" in China’s video streaming industry, and the country’s top video site, Youku Tudou, is one of them.
By |October 11th, 2016|Featured Stories, News|
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This Company Makes a RMB 1,999 PC-based VR Headset, Yet It’s 4K

Shanghai-based Pimax aims to solve the dilemma of low-priced virtual reality hardware with a quality experience by introducing a PC-based VR headset.
By |October 4th, 2016|Featured Stories, News, Technology|
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Virtual Reality Arcades Are Booming In Shanghai

China has a well-documented fascination with VR, and while top-of-the-line headsets are still too pricey for average consumers, VR arcades are cropping up to fill the gap.
By |August 12th, 2016|Featured Stories, News|