Trending in China: Actress Sun Li Reveals Online Friendship with Jack Ma

Movado brand ambassador and International Emmy nominee Sun Li revealed on Monday during a women and entrepreneurship conference that she and Jack Ma have been “online friends” for more than four years. The two met in person for the first time on the conference hosted by Alibaba Group.

The actress told the public that their first online interaction started when she wanted to audit classes at Hupan College, the school for entrepreneurship established by Ma and other heavy-weights. “I left him a message on social media and he replied, ‘Are you serious?’” she said. The Chinese business tycoon made her go through formal interviews and she eventually received the permission to audit.

Shanghai Disney is a success in its first year despite China’s restricted film market

Wang Jianlin’s prediction about Shanghai Disneyland seems a far cry from how things actually turned out. Wang had announced last year that Disney won’t profit in the next 20 years with Wanda Group as its competitor. However, Shanghai Disneyland celebrates its one-year anniversary benchmarking 11 million park visitors. According to China Economic Net, it is the first theme park of similar size to break even within one year of operation. The success, according to Bloomberg, shows other U.S. entertainment companies that even with an upper limit of 34 Hollywood films per year, the Chinese market still has profit potential.

Celebrities posted on Weibo for Hunan TV’s Happy Camp anniversary

More than a dozen A-list celebrities including Yang Mi, Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei and Liu Yifei posted on Weibo, in celebration of Happy Camp (Kuai Le Da Ben Yin), one of China’s most popular TV variety shows, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary today. Celebrities wished the show happy birthday and shared their favorite memories of the show. Since its first air date in 1997, the program, which airs at 20:00 every Saturday, has gained high audience ratings, and is considered a pioneer of Chinese variety shows.

— This article originally appeared on Jing Daily.