Headlines from China: Chinese Film and TV Companies Repays $1.72 Billion in Back Taxes 

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This is the first step of China's crackdown on tax evasions in the entertainment industry. Read More

Film Association Criticizes Government Tax Clawback Plan

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China’s film director association has criticized a possible government move to ask entertainment companies to pay previously waived taxes. Read More

Headlines from China: Tax Shake-up Stirs Up Anxiety in China’s Film & TV Industry

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In the wake of tax scandal surrounded Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, China launched a campaign at the beginning of October to regulate the payment of taxes within the film and TV industry. The campaign has stirred up anxiety among film industry professionals. Read More

Headlines from China: China Urges Entertainment Industry to Self-check Tax Filing

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While Chinese actress Fan Bingbing's tax evasion case finally drew a conclusion, it's only the beginning of Chinese authorities' efforts in cracking down tax-related issues in the entertainment industry. Read More

Desert Tax Haven Draws Moviemakers to China’s Far West

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A small Chinese city on the border with Kazakhstan has surprisingly shot to stardom among Chinese moviemakers. Read More

The Tax Man Cometh for China’s Wealthy Net Celebs

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The tax bureau of Beijing’s Chaoyang District has urged one unidentified live-streaming platform to pay back taxes of RMB 60 million (US$8.7 million), Beijing Youth Daily reported Monday. Read More