November Screenings of Chinese-Language Films in New York & Los Angeles

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November highlights include: New York screenings of films by acclaimed filmmaker Wang Bing, a documentary on the first and only Taiwanese player for the New York Yankees, 2nd Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival and the China Onscreen Biennial in LA. Read More

Your Ultimate Guide to Chinese Film Screenings for October in NYC

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If you are interested in understanding China, you will be interested in the films we are introducing here. And if you happen to be in New York this month, you have the opportunity to see them on the big screen. Read More

“Imaginary Chinatown:” Film Series Presented by Metrograph

The international Chinatown, accessed through red lacquered gates bearing formidable dragon motifs, has been a vital aspect of both history and myth- making in the West for over 200 years and counting. Metrograph pays tribute to the complex tradition of Chinatown on film, beginning Wednesday, September 27. Titles include:   Alice (Woody Allen/1990/102 mins/35mm) Big Trouble in Read More

Film Review: Hong Kong Trilogy

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Loosely structured look at kids, activists and senior citizens in Hong Kong from famed cinematographer Christopher Doyle. Read More

New York is Jam-packed with Great Chinese Films This Month, Here’s What to See

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Call yourselves lucky, New Yorkers. So much to see this month: “New Noir: Chinese Crime Films;” Jackie Chan’s 1995 revival; Christopher Doyle’s homage to Hong Kong; Feng Xiaogang’s ‘Youth;’Wang Nanfu’s ‘I am Another You;’ and more…. Read More