Street Art Pioneer Eric Haze on Collaboration, Creativity, and China

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In the nearly five decades since his first exhibition with graffiti collective The Soul Artists in 1974, New York-born-and-based Eric Haze has played a pivotal role in merging the worlds of street art, fine art, and graphic design. Read More

How Important Is China To Hollywood’s Bottom Line?

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China accounted for $500 million or just 7.7 percent of the $6.5 billion worldwide net revenue from the thirty-two Hollywood films it allowed into the country. By and large, Hollywood films made less that 5% of their worldwide revenue from the Chinese market, indicating that Hollywood's headlong push into China remains primarily about getting early access to a market that still exists in the realm of possibility. Read More

Sorry Hollywood, The Chinese Market is No Longer Easy Money

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The recent remake of "Ben-Hur" by Paramount Pictures was a box office flop in North America. Its fate in China was no better. Read More