Headlines from China: Fan Bingbing to Star in ‘355’ Despite Tax Evasion Scandal

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355 director Simon Kinberg confirmed in a recent interview that Fan Bingbing, as well as other female actresses announced earlier, will all appear in the movie. Read More

Headlines from China: China Box Office Saw Significant Drop in March 

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This past March, China box office totaled RMB 4.14 billion, which is RMB 977 million less compared to the same month of 2018. Read More

TCB In RMB: A Weekly Business Roundup

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SoReal, the Virtual Reality venture of acclaimed Chinese auteur Zhang Yimou opened its first concept store this past Tuesday in a 32,000 square-foot location in central Beijing. Although the company refers to it as a VR Museum, it is more like an arcade, featuring VR films, interactive VR games and other immersive experiences-- and already Chinese reports are expressing doubts regarding its commercial viability. Read More