Domestic Vs Import Box Office: Appearances Can Deceive

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Looking at the box office split between foreign and Chinese films this year, it’s easy to conclude China is a balanced market: imports lead slightly with a 52% market share through April 18. But huge imbalances lie behind those numbers. Read More

China Box Office: Chinese Moviegoers Dead on ‘Arrival’

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General audiences in China gave a resounding thumbs-down to "Arrival," with social media declaring the film a plodding, incomprehensible mess. Read More

On Screen China: ‘Arrival’ Should Lead Sci-Fi-Packed Weekend

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Arrival will lead the first-ever Western sci-fi trifecta into a top-five weekend box office finish in China. Read More

January May Be a Great Month for Hollywood Movies in China

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For the first month of the year, normally the Chinese market serves as a dumping ground for foreign films that have bombed overseas and are bought, on the cheap, by local distributors looking to turn a modest profit. Read More