Roundtable on Chinese Language Genre Film (Video)

On July 11, China Film Insider and New York Asian Film Festival co-presented a panel on the development of Chinese language genre film at China Institute in New York City. This panel discussed the current state and trends of China’s genre cinema, what role the rapidly-changing censorship system is playing in its development, how neighboring countries are shaping it, and how Chinese cinema can gain global influence.

What Does the Future Hold for Chinese Films? (Source: SinoVision English Channel)

Chinese producer Guan Yadi talks about online ticketing, film distribution, and China box office [English with Chinese subtitles]. (Source: SinoVision)

From left to right: Nina Huang, Haisong Li, Daniel Eagan, Dylan Marchetti, Dorinda Elliott, David Wilentz, Aliza Ma, Guan Yadi, Simone Zhang