iQiyi Recaps Strong Year with “Screening Night 2019”

When scalpers outside the venue are asking for extra tickets instead of selling them, and the spectators don’t hesitate for even a second to walk straight in, you know there must be a huge event on that no one wants to miss. This was the scene at Screaming Night 2019, iQIYI’s annual gala gathering of A-list actors, singers, idols and fans for a look back at the last year in China’s “pan-entertainment” sphere — and a preview of what’s to come.

Professionals from different sectors of the industry received awards in categories such as TV series, music, variety shows, films, and artists (all with an iQIYI bent of course). Looking at them, one was reminded of almost all of the hit shows and productions that have enriched Chinese people’s entertainment lives this year.

The hottest TV show in summer 2018 — and arguably, the whole year — was no doubt iQIYI’s The Story of Yanxi Palace. As we wrote in August, the revolutionary female role of a concubine of Emperor Qianlong, Wei Yingluo, attracted over 10 billion views to the 70 hour-long drama, and incited heated discussion on social media. The show was awarded Drama King of the Year. Continue to read the full story here.


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