Headlines from China: The Market Segmentation of Sci-fi Movies in China 

The Market Segmentation of Sci-fi Movies in China 

Beijing based research firm CC Smart recently released a report on the Chinese sci-fi market. According to this report, sci-fi movies are very well-received commercially in the Chinese market, largely due to the success of imported sci-fi movies, such as ‘Avatar’, ‘Transformers’, and ‘Interstellar’. In addition, audiences born after 2000 prefer soft science fictions such as ‘Transformers’, while audiences born between 1970 and 1990 prefer hard science fictions that emphasize scientific accuracy. Read more on Mtime

Tencent Invests in Tuzi Culture to Develop Anime Content

Co-presented by Tuzi Culture and Tencent, the first conference in China focusing on anime adaptation took place in Beijing on September 6. Representatives from more than 200 companies attended the event. Tuzi Culture announced that the company has landed series A funds from Tencent to develop anime content. Tuzi Culture also announced 17 anime IPs the company had been co-developing with top Chinese writers. The Chinese anime sector has been expanding rapidly, becoming the next market darling of China’s entertainment industry. Read more on Sohu

Further Market Segmentation is Inevitable for the Chinese Film Market Says Baidu Executive

On September 6, Chinese entertainment industry professionals, including investors, content creators, distributors, and journalists, attended a symposium in Beijing to discuss how to make a commercially successful movie. Baidu Nuomi Pictures’ Vice President Chen Hui gave a speech on market segmentation and big data. According to Chen, Chinese audiences are becoming more and more sophisticated. In order for a film to achieve box office success, accurately defining market segments is crucial, and big data plays an increasingly important role in this process. Read more on Ent Group

Chinese Cinema Chain UME is Acquired by China Media Capital

According to various news sources including Mtime, China Media Capital (CMC) has acquired UME cinemas. CMC and UME have not responded to the reports. UME owns 25 movie theaters in China and ranks No. 16 by box office revenue among Chinese exhibitors. China Media Capital has been actively expanding over the past a few years, backing Oriental DreamWorks and partnering with industry giants such as Warner Bros and Tencent. Read more on TMT Post

China’s Jinyi Cinemas Approved for IPO

After fining IPO three times, China’s Jinyi Cinemas finally received approval to go public. Since Jinyi’s first IPO filing in 2012, the company has experienced many ups and downs. Over the past 3 years, the company saw significant revenue drop and has fell two spots to 7th largest film exhibitor in China. This year, two Jinyi cinemas were named and published by China’s media regulator for box office fraud, which indicates managerial problems the company is facing. Read more on Ent Group