Headlines from China: Christopher Nolan to Meet Wu Jing in Beijing

Christopher Nolan to Meet Wu Jing in Beijing at Directors Conference 

It was announced that Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas, Nolan’s wife as well as producer of Dunkirk, will fly to Beijing on August 21. According to a source familiar with the matter, in addition to attending the local premiere of Dunkirk, Nolan will also attend a Directors Conference, having a conversation with Wolf Warriors 2’s director Wu Jing and Founding of A Republic’s director Huang Jianxin. Read more on Mtime

Shanghai Disney Agents Ran Away after Selling Fake Tickets

According to a news reported by China National Radio, some tourists and travel agencies recently bought discounted tickets to Shanghai Disneyland through ticket agents, and only found there were no tickets for them and the agents had disappeared. Shanghai Disney’s Customer Services confirmed that the company does sell discounted tickets to partners, but is not responsible for any illegal resale or any disputes between customers and their partners. Read more on Sina

Mao Yan and Wei Ying Completed Merger Negotiations

China’s top online ticketing platforms Mao Yan and Wei Piao have completed their negotiations and reached a merger deal, according to a source familiar with the matter. Meanwhile, Wei Ying Technology, operator of Wei Piao, is in the process of laying off employees. The source also mentioned that Mao Yan is only acquiring Wei Ying’s online ticketing platform Wei Piao. Wei Ying remains to be the owner and operator of the company’s other businesses. Mao Yan and Wei Ying, however, have not responded to media regarding the merger deal as of now. Read more on Ent Group

LeEco’s Jia Yueting Era is Officially over

On August 17, LeEco announced that Liang Jun had officially replaced Jia Yueting as the company’s legal representative. According to the official announcement, the company had hosted shareholder meetings to approve such a change and also completed related paperwork with city agency Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. In addition, LeEco had also changed the amount of the company’s registered capital from 1.85 billion yuan to 1.99 billion yuan. Read more on PC Online

Paradox Replaced Wolf Warriors 2 as the Single-day Box Office Winner 

Hong Kong action movie Paradox had a strong debut on Thursday August 17 in China. The film raked in 61 million yuan and replaced Wolf Warriors 2 as the highest grossing film of that day. Before Thursday, Wolf Warriors 2 was the winner at single day ticket sales for 22 days consecutively. Wolf Warriors 2 only made 60 million yuan on Thursday but is expected to gross 5 billion yuan in total by the end of this weekend. Read more on Mtime