Headlines from China: Zhang Yimou’s Next Film Unveiled

Zhang Yimou’s Next Film Unveiled 

China’s film bureau released a new batch of approved film projects. A film named One Second directed by Zhang Yimou and written by Zou Jingzhi appears on the list. In 2014, Zhang collaborated with Zou for the first time on drama film Coming Home. Set in the 1970s in northwestern China, One Second tells a story that happened between a homeless person and a farm worker who is also a film buff. Huanxi Media, the company that had entered a deal with Zhang recently, is producing this film. In the following six years, Huanxi Media owns exclusive rights to invest in three online TV series directed by Zhang Yimou. In addition to Zhang Yimou’s One Second, the best film of 2017 FIRST International Film Festival Laughing to Die (Xi Sang) and Disney’s Mulan are also on the list. Read more on Mtime

Chinese Authorities to Enforce Rules on Celebrity Compensation and “Yin Yang” Contract 

On June 27, China’s Publicity Department of the Communist Party, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, State Administration of Taxation, State Administration of Radio and Television together released a statement, requesting stronger enforcement of restrictions on celebrities’ astonishingly high compensations, “Yin Yang” contract, and tax evasion with the aim of facilitating  healthy development of the Chinese film industry. It’s said in the statement that the aforementioned practices have not only raised the cost of TV/film production, negatively affected the overall quality of homegrown movies, and harmed China’s film industry, but also helped spread money-worshipping values and misled younger generations. The notice also suggests to increase penalties against tax evasions and calls for film industry’s own credit system. Read more on TMT Post

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Theatrical Run of Guo Jingming’s ‘L.O.R.D 2’ Has Been Nixed

Upcoming film L.O.R.D 2, which is directed by Guo Jingming, was previously set to release in China on July 6. However, it was officially announced today that the film’s July 6 theatrical opening will be cancelled due to production issues. As L.O.R.D 1 was harshly criticized for its poor special effects, Guo Jingming had expressed his hope to improve the quality of visual effects in the second installment of this series. A new release date hasn’t been confirmed. Read more on Mtime