Headlines from China: Wong Kar-wai Moves Ahead With a Newly Scripted ‘Chungking Express’ Sequel

Wong Kar-wai Moves Ahead With a Newly Scripted ‘Chungking Express’ Sequel 

News have surfaced on Chinese social media that Wong Kar-wai has written a sequel to his celebrated 1994 romance ‘Chungking Express’ titled ‘Chungking Express 2020’. Approved by the China Film Administration back in April, the new project is now underway for further development and production. Set in the southwestern city Chongqing in 2036, the new film has only given out a brief synopsis with little hints about any thematic connections with the director’s 1994 classic. Besides this sequel film, 2020 seems a quite busy year for this renowned Chinese auteur as he has also announced the production of a long-gestating, decades-spanning drama “Blossoms” last month. Read more Directube 2016

Chinese-American Film Director Lulu Wang Speaks Out Against Ron Howard Directing Chinese Pianist Lang Lang’s Biopic

Netziens are speaking out online, including Chinese-American film director Lulu Wang, about Hollywood’s decision to let Ron Howard direct the biopic of Chinese pianist Lang Lang. “The Farewell” director, known for her nuanced portrayal of cross-cultural experience on screen, took to Twitter to express frustration over a white director being the creative force behind a film about the Asian experience. “As a classically-trained pianist born in China, I believe it’s impossible to tell Lang Lang’s story without an intimate understanding of Chinese culture and the impact of the Cultural Revolution on artists and intellectuals and the effects of Western imperialism,” Wang wrote. Read more China Daily