Headlines from China: ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ Finishes Theatrical Run in China with Over $856 M

‘Wolf Warrior 2′ Finishes Theatrical Run in China with Over $856 M at Box Office

Opened on July 28, China’s highest grossing film ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ will complete its theatrical run on October 28. A specially designed poster was released this week to celebrate the completion of its theatrical release. As of October 26, the film has raked in 5.68 billion yuan ($856 million). Over the past three months, the film broke various records: exceeding 100 million yuan at box office after four hours in release, making 426 million yuan on a single day, becoming the first Chinese film that gets on the list of global box office top 100, and being viewed by the largest number of audiences (159 million viewers as of October 26) on a single territory. According to sources familiar with the matter, ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ will become available on Chinese streaming sites on November 3. Read more on Sohu

CJ CGV and Dolby Laboratories to Open 30 Dolby Cinemas in China by 2021

On October 25, CJ CGV announced with Dolby Laboratories that the two companies plan to open 30 Dolby Cinemas in China by the end of 2021. CJ CGV is the largest multiplex cinema chain in South Korea, and Dolby Laboratories is an American company offering premium audio and visual technology. “Our partnership with CGV marks a significant milestone in expanding our presence in China with more than 140 sites now installed or committed. We are excited to work with CGV to bring the spectacular experience only Dolby Cinema can offer to moviegoers across China,” said Frank Bryant, a Senior Vice President of Dolby Laboratories. Read more on Mtime

Hit Chinese Game ‘Honor of Kings’ to be Released in the U.S.

Recently, Chinese tech giant Tencent announces that the company will release its hit mobile game ‘Honor of Kings’ on iOS and Android in the U.S.. The game will meet American gamers with the name of ‘Arena of Valor.’ Previously, Tencent claimed that the game’s daily active users had exceeded 50 million. In order to attract western gamers, Tencent has formed a partnership with DC Comics to replace the Chinese heroes in the game with DC’s superheroes such as Batman and Wonder Woman. Read more on Ent Group

French War thriller ‘HHhH’ Scores November 24 China Release

HHhH,’ a French war thriller has scored a November 24 release date for China, according to an official announcement made on October 26 (Beijing Time). Adapted from the novel of the same name by Laurent Binet, the film tells the story of Operation Anthropoid, the assassination of Nazi commander Reinhard Heydrich during World War II. An official poster was also released along with the announcement. The poster presents the moment when Heydrich was shot in the head. Read more on Mtime

Tencent Invests in TV Production Company Youhug

Youhug, a Shanghai-based Film and TV production company, recently completed a new round of financing, receiving investments from big firms such as tech giant Tencent, Jack Ma’s Yunfeng Capital, and Qianyuan Capital. Founded in 2012, Youhug has become a top TV production company in China, often being dubbed as one of the “Four Little Dragons” of China’s film & TV industry. As China’s TV industry is becoming more and more competitive, Youhug continues to focus on the quality of its productions, and is able to maintain strong relationships with some of China’s best screenwriters. Read more on Ent Group