Headlines from China: Will Live Streaming Change Bilibili?

Will Live Streaming Change Bilibili?

The living streaming sector has become Bilibili’s second largest revenue generator besides gaming. As a video sharing website that has gained wide popularity among young people in recent years, Bilibili has established its unique youth culture through heavy video content themed around animation, comic, and gaming. As a result, the living streaming business pauses some challenges to the established Bilibili’s user community because of the different online culture that it might bring to the platform. Read more on Entertainment Capital

CGV is Laying Off Employees and Expecting Theaters Shutdown Later This Year

As one of the earliest foreign investors in the Chinese film industry, CGV opened its first movie theater in China dating back to early 2006. It was not until 2016 that CGV started to profit from its Chinese theater chain business. At the end of 2019, CGV has had in total of 141 movie theaters across the nation. With the profit margin dwindling since 2016, movie theater business has become very hard to operate in China. The recent pandemic crisis and the delay of reopening business dealt another blow to CGV. Read more on Truth-Be-Told