Headlines From China: Wild, Creative, Disturbing: Inside China’s ‘Hyperpop’ Music Scene

Wild, Creative, Disturbing: Inside China’s ‘Hyperpop’ Music Scene

Around halfway through filming for a September episode of “Strawberry Man” — one of China’s hottest new music talent shows — the judging panel was confronted by something completely new. An underground artist named Jiafeng shuffled onstage. Spiky-haired, heavily made-up, and dressed in a ragged outfit of clashing colors and overlapping layers, he was clearly not the kind of polished indie performer that normally appears on the contest. Read more Sixth Tone

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Likely First Phase Four Marvel Film to Hit China

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” indicated Monday with a new Chinese poster that it could soon hit Chinese screens — which would make it the first Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four film to pass censorship and screening approvals so far. The film, set to debut only in theaters, hasn’t yet set a formal China release date. Starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker and directed by Jon Watts, ”No Way Home” tells the story of what happens when the superhero is unmasked and can no longer keep his normal life separate from his masked one. Read more Variety