Headlines From China: Why Barbiecore is here to stay

Why Barbiecore is Here to Stay

Ever since the first behind-the-scenes photos of the upcoming Barbie movie were leaked last summer, the internet has been rife with all things pink. Snaps of stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who play Barbie and Ken, respectively, in neon spandex and shocking pink cowboy attire, and even of director Greta Gerwig wearing a pink jumpsuit onset, quickly spread online, sparking a craze (or at the very least a trending social media hashtag) for all things Barbiecore. Read more Jing Daily

Lights, Camera, Etiquette: China’s Film Fans Want a Silent Show

Tired of the constant disruptions caused by phone usage, chatting, and other interruptions during screenings, passionate cinemagoers across China have taken matters into their own hands. Frustrated with the lack of movie theater etiquette, many have banded together to create an online document that is circulating in ticket exchange group chats on the messaging platform WeChat. The document serves as a comprehensive record of interruptions, particularly during screenings at film festivals. Read more Sixth Tone