Headlines From China: Who’s In (and Out) at China’s Major Theater Chains

Who’s In (and Out) at China’s Major Theater Chains

Amid fraught relations with the U.S. — fewer studio films are getting released in China now than any time in the past decade — South Korean films could help fill the void. On Dec. 3, South Korean family comedy “Oh! My Gran,” produced by Seoul-based Big Stone Pictures, opened theatrically in China. The movie is the first Korean title to show on Chinese screens since 2016. A similar relaxation of cultural imports has been in evidence throughout the Chinese entertainment landscape of late, with South Korean celebrity Weibo accounts beginning to be reactivated; popular model-actor Lee Dong-wook appearing in the December issue of GQ China; and members of K-pop supergroup EXO scheduled to participate in China’s Tencent Music Entertainment Awards on Dec. 11. Read more The Hollywood Reporter

China Releases Top 10 Buzzwords of 2021

After reviewing billions of posts on Chinese social media the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Centre has revealed the buzzwords of 2021. The top-10 list includes buzzwords like yong yuan de shen or ‘forever God’, tang ping or ‘lie flat’, and shuang jian or ‘double reduction.’  Read more South China Morning Post