Headlines from China: Who Is The Next Biggest Investor in The Chinese Film Market?

Who Is The Next Biggest Investor in The Chinese Film Market?

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese film industry has experienced several rounds of reforms and development. This year, many people feel that the industry is going downhill and losing appeal in the capital market. However, in this opinion piece, the author takes a close look at the development of the Chinese film industry, especially its relationship with the Chinese government, and concludes that the film industry is not going downhill. Instead, it’s time for the industry to have another round of reform, which may entail an increase of state-owned capital, tighter control over illegal and unethical business practices and elimination of low-quality content. Read more on yiyuguancha

Chinese Market Research Firm iResearch Rumored to Be Under Investigation

Unnamed media sources reported today (Beijing Time) that several top executives of Chinese market research firm iResearch became uncontactable since September 13. iResearch then released a statement in the evening (Beijing Time), saying that a few executives from the company had been working with the authorities regarding an investigation, but the company would continue to operate as usual. As TV director Guo Jingyu recently slammed the industry’s fake ratings situation and stirred up discussions, many associate iResearch executives’ disappearance with the fake ratings controversy. Founded in 2002, iResearch is a leading market research and consulting firm that releases several important entertainment market reports each year. Last year, the company released a new product called iVideoTracker, which is used to track viewership and inform ad placement. Read more on yulechanye

Mahua FunAge’s ‘Overall Planning’ Set for 2019 Chinese New Year Release

Overall Planning, an upcoming Chinese comedy film produced by Mahua FunAge, has been scheduled to release next year on February 5, which is the 2019 Chinese New Year’s Day. The film is directed by three emerging Chinese directors and stars Huang Cailun and Zhang Huiwen. This marks the second leading role played by Huang Cailun, following his role in Hello, Mrs. Money, which will be released this year during the lucrative National Day holiday season. Overall Planning is centered around a geeky hotel manager Shi Yue who likes to make plans and have life under his control. However, as life goes on, things don’t always go as planned. Read more on Mtime