Headlines from China: Which Provinces in China Love Foreign Films the Most? 

Which Provinces in China Love Foreign Films the Most? 

Along with the development of China’s film industry and Chinese moviegoers’ ever-changing tastes, foreign films overall perform better and better in China over the past three years. But which provinces in China love foreign films the most? According to WeChat media account yiyuguancha, foreign imports contributed more than half of the total box office in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Xinjiang in 2017. Meanwhile, audiences in Hebei, Shangxi, and Henan spent much less on foreign films. In addition, audiences in Guangdong province love Hollywood blockbusters while audiences in Beijing and Shanghai enjoy a wide variety of movies including the indie and artsy ones. Read more on yiyuguancha

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RealD  Cinemas Launched in Hangzhou

On March 9, RealD and its Chinese partners announced the launch of six RealD cinemas in China. Two of the cinemas in Hangzhou are named after RealD. Combining RealD Ultimate Screen, state-of-the-art projector and immersive sound system, RealD cinema is the latest premium cinema experience offered by RealD. Special screenings of Black Panther will be presented at the newly launched RealD cinemas. Read more on Mtime 

Film Exhibition Business in China: Easy to Enter, But Hard to Stay

The fast-growing film exhibition sector in China not only makes existing exhibitors aggressively expand business, but also attracts new players from other industries, especially the real estate industry, to enter for a piece of the entertainment market. For real estate developers, it’s easier to acquire or build cinemas than to make movies, yet operating movie theaters require much more than financial investments. Due to poor management, some real estate developers turned cinema operators saw disappointing financial returns in recent years. The film exhibition sector in China is expected to see further consolidation in years to come. Read more on yingshidushe

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International Women’s Day Saw Box Office Surge in China

On March 8, the International Women’s Day, China’s single-day box office earnings reached 193 million yuan ($30.5 million), a 70 percent jump compared to the day before. Operation Red Sea continued to top the chart with 68 million yuan. Cumulatively, the film has raked in 3.19 billion yuan ($504 million), only 40 million yuan ($6.3 million) less than the total box office of Detective Chinatown 2. Behind Operation Red Sea and Detective Chinatown 2 was Indian film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which made 25.5 million yuan ($4 million) on Women’s Day. Read more on Mtime