Headlines from China: Wanda CEO Wang Jianlin and MPA’s Chairman Chris Dodd Meet at Wanda Headquarter

Wanda CEO Wang Jianlin and MPA’s Chairman Chris Dodd Meet at Wanda Headquarter

On September 21, Wang Jianlin, CEO of Wanda Group, had a meeting at Wanda Group’s headquarter with Chris Dodd, CEO and Chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, according to a news published on Wanda Group’s official website. The news didn’t mention the details of the meeting. Read more on ifeng Finance

Photo: Weibo.

Jack Ma Had Some Instant Noodles to Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Alibaba’s IPO

How would you celebrate if the 3rd anniversary of your company’s IPO is around the conner? Alibaba’s Jack Ma decided to just have some instant noodles. On September 20, Dai Shan, one of Alibaba’s founders, posted a picture of Jack Ma eating instant noodles on Weibo. Her caption for the picture is “Behind Alibaba’s growth is this man and many other Ali people who work hard and only have time to grab quick meals like this.” On September 19, Jack Ma also posted on Weibo on the occasion of Alibaba’s 3rd IPO anniversary. He says “It’s been three years since Alibaba went public. Where has the time gone?” In addition, He mentioned in his Weibo post that he went to see the highly anticipated boxing match between Alvarez and Golovkin two days ago, and just arrived in New York on September 19. Read more on TMT Post

Rising Star Chinese VR Studio Pinta Completes Pre-A Round Financing 

Recently, Chinese VR Studio Pinta announces that the company has completed pre-A round financing and raised millions of yuan from Houde Venture Capital. After receiving funding from angel investors in 2016, the studio has successfully built a top VR production team within a year. ‘The Dream Collector’, Pinta Studio’s first VR animation short, was selected to compete at this year’s Venice Film Festival. The film was released on September 13 on various VR platforms nationwide and viewed over 1 million times after only 27 hours in release. Read more on Tencent Tech

Aiming to Conquer National Day Holiday Season, Multiple Domestic Films Move up Release Dates

On September 21, a preview screening of Feng Xiaogang’s ‘Youth‘ took place in Qingdao, China. More than 300 industry professionals from the film exhibition sector attended the event and spoke highly of the film after watching it.  In addition, the film’s distributors and exhibitors jointly announced that the theatrical release date of the film had been moved up to Friday September 29. In order to fully take advantage of the upcoming weeklong National Day holiday, a few other domestic films, including ‘Sky Hunter’ and ‘City of Rock’, have also been rescheduled to open on September 29. Read more on Mtime

Fan Bingbing Named Brand Ambassador of Jia Zhangke’s Pingyao International Film Festival

On September 21, the organizing committee of Pingyao International Film Festival announced that the festival had named Fan Bingbing as the festival’s brand ambassador. Back in may, Fan called on Chinese filmmakers to become more actively engaged in building a domestic arthouse cinema scene in the world’s second-largest entertainment market while attending the 70th Cannes Film Festival as a juror. The Pingyao International Film Festival is founded by acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke. The first edition will run this year from October 28 to November 4 in ancient Chinese city Pingyao. Italian filmmaker Marco Muller is the artistic director of this year’s festival. Read more on Mtime