Headlines From China: TV Adaptation of Award-Winning Chinese Sci-Fi Novel Coming Soon

TV Adaptation of Award-Winning Chinese Sci-Fi Novel Coming Soon

The highly anticipated Chinese TV adaptation of Liu Cixin’s Hugo Award-winning sci-fi novel “The Three-Body Problem” is coming soon, according to the first trailer released on Wednesday. “The Three-Body Problem” is the first book in a sci-fi trilogy that revolves around physicist Ye Wenjie’s contact with the Trisolaran civilization living in a three-sun system, and follows the centuries-long clashes between earthlings and the aliens. “The Wandering Earth,” another sci-fi novel by Liu Cixin, became a blockbuster film in 2019 and raked in a Chinese box office total of 4.68 billion yuan (around $730 million). Read more China Daily

Exploring the Art World of China’s Contemporary Artist Cao Fei

In the world of contemporary art, Cao Fei from China is a name not to be missed. The artist has gained wide recognition across the globe over the past two decades through documenting the changes and developments of China’s society, using photography and film. Cao was awarded the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2021 on September 10, becoming the first Chinese artist ever to win the prize. Read more CGTN