Headlines from China: Top 20 Entertainment Data Analytics Firms in China

Top 20 Entertainment Data Analytics Firms in China

Along with the rapid growth of the film market and tech sector in China, the film industry sees the emergence of entertainment data analytics firms over the past decade. WeChat media account yiqipaidianying recently released a list of top 20 data providers in the entertainment sector. Top 5 companies include AIMAN, Fanink, Guduo Media, Maoyan Pro and Tuopu Data. AIMAN provides a variety of data services to assist clients in financing, screenwriting and casting. In recent years, the company also provides data regarding online influence of celebrities and KOLs. Fanink built its credibility by forecasting box office through pre-sale data. Guduo Media specializes in using big data to facilitate the development and production of web series, web movies and variety shows. Maoyan Pro is owned by online ticketing giant Maoyan and provides box office data and analysis. Founded in 2017, Tuopu is a consulting firm with a focus on entertainment. Read more on yiqipaidianying

Tencent Launches Short-video Platform “yoo Video’

On November 1, Tencent officially launched its short-video platform “yoo Video.” Different from other existing short-video platforms, such as Douyin and Kuaishou, “yoo Video” features different channels and a competition mechanism, which encourage content creators to produce interesting short-videos in order to excel in their channel. In addition, the platform engages viewers through a gamified voting process. Other incentives the platform provides include cash awards and opportunities to collaborate with top entertainment firms and talents. Read more on diyizhipianren

Lu Chuan Starts Filming New Sci-fi Action Film 

Recently, Chinese filmmaker Lu Chuan starts the shooting of his upcoming sci-fi action movie 749 Bureau in Chongqing. In a previous interview, Lu Chuan mentioned that 749 Bureau was a real government agency in history, carrying out research on supernatural phenomena. He once even assigned to work there after graduated from college. Staring TFBoys Wang Junkai, the film is a collaboration between Lu Chuan and Huayi Brothers. Other cast members include Liao Fan, Miaomiao and Xuqing. The plot of the film is still enbargoed as of this writing. Read more on Mtime