Headlines from China: Top 100 Most Powerful Film Producers in China

Top 100 Most Powerful Film Producers in China

The Top 100 Most Powerful Film Producers list was recently released, with Wang Zhonglei, Jiang Zhiqiang, and Chen Guofu being in the top 3. The list has taken into account number of films produced, box office success, and the producer’s influence within the industry. The priority is given to producers from mainland China, and producers with celebrity statuses were not considered. The list included many young producers, and 20% of them are women. Read more on yulechanye

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Wanda-produced Namiya Falls Behind Other Films During New Year’s Weekend

Adapted from popular Japanese novel Miracles of the Namiya General Store and starring Jackie Chan, and highly popular teen idols Dilraba and Wang Junkai, Namiya did not do as well as expected despite being given the best screening slots by Wanda Cinemas. So far Namiya has reached an accumulated box office of $30.8 million, behind The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes, Gold Buster, and Hanson and the Beast. Read more on D-entertainment

LeEco Founder Jia Yueting Defies Order to Come Back to China

The China Securities Regulatory Commission has previously urged Jia Yueting to return to China by the end of 2017 to settle debts, but in a recent post on social media, Jia has defied the order, stating that he is making progress with U.S.-based electric vehicle startup Faraday Future. Jia also said his wife and younger brother who are currently in China will be dealing with matters related to LeEco on his behalf. Jia further ensures that he will do whatever he can to solve the debt problem. Read more on tmtpost

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‘The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes’ and ‘Youth’ Lead New Year’s Day Box Office

Romantic comedy The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes has opened to $195 million in a three-day weekend, topping the New Year’s Day box office in China. Following right behind is Youth, which gained an additional $33.5 over the New Year’s weekend. Total box office reached $192.6 million, almost doubled from 2016. Other top selling holiday films include Gold Buster, Hanson and the Beast, and Namiya. Read more on Mtime