Headlines from China: ‘The Young Karl Marx’ to Open in China on May 5 as Karl Marx Turns 200

a still from “The Young Karl Max”

‘The Young Karl Marx’ to Open in China on May 5 as Karl Marx Turns 200

On May 4, The Young Karl Marx, a 2017 biography drama, history film about Karl Marx, had its China premiere and press conference in Beijing. Industry professionals as well as government officials attended the premiere event. Student representatives from Chinese universities recited The Communist Manifesto as a tribute to the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx, the 170th anniversary of The Communist Manifesto and the 40th anniversary of the Chinese economic reform. The film is co-produced by France, Germany, and Belgium, and attracted global attention after its world premiere at the 2017 Berlinale. The Young Karl Marx will officially open in Chinese theaters on May 5, the 200th birthday of Karl Marx. Read more on Mtime

Tencent Enhances Strategic Partnership with FIRST International Film Festival

On May 4, the 12th FIRST International Film Festival held a press conference to give updates on the planning of the upcoming festival. This year, the festival jury will be led by renowned Taiwanese film director, screenwriter and producer Chen Kuo-fu. Tencent Pictures, sponsor of last year’s financing forum, will continue to sponsor the forum this year. In addition, Tencent Pictures will enhance its strategic partnership with the festival by co-organizing FIRST Training Camp, a program designed to cultivate the new generation of filmmakers. Founded in 2005, FIRST International Film Festival has established a good reputation in China as a festival that discovers and promotes emerging filmmakers. Read more on Tencent Pictures

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Scores Day-and-Date China Release

It is announced today that ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ will be released in Chinese theaters day-and-date with the U.S. on May 25. Chinese trailer and poster are also released today. Directed by Ron Howard, Solo: A Star Wars Story follows the adventurous journey of Han Solo, a character from the Star Wars franchise. Han Solo is played by Alden Ehrenreich. The cast also includes Emily Clarke, Donald Glover, and Woody Harrelson. Read more on Mtime

Rene Liu Becomes The Highest-grossing Female Filmmaker in Greater China 

Despite questions surrounded its ticket refunds, romantic drama film Us and Them has raked in over 1.1 billion yuan ($173 million) since it opened last Saturday. This also makes the director of the film, Rene Liu (Liu Jo-ying), the highest-grossing female filmmaker in the greater China region. Born and raised in Taiwan, Liu is known as a singer-songwriter, actress and writer. Us and Them is adapted from one of Liu’s short novels. When asked about the controversy over her film, Liu asks people to pay more attention the film itself. Read more on yuledujiaoshou