Headlines from China: The PG-13 Version of ‘Deadpool 2’ Set for January 25 China Release

The PG-13 Version of ‘Deadpool 2’ Set for January 25 China Release

Once Upon A Deadpool, the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2, has scored a January 25 China release. A special video clip is also released to greet Chinese moviegoers. This PG-13 version was released in North America n December 2018. While it was claimed to cater to young audiences, many speculate that the film’s producers made the PG-13 cut to cater to China’s censorship. The film will face relatively mild competition, as all the upcoming local films with big box office potential are scheduled to release during the Chinese new year holiday season, which begins 10 days after the opening of Once Upon A Deadpool. Read more on Mtime

These Countries Inspired Chinese Variety Show Producers 

Since the 1990s, variety show licensing has become a big business. Currently, variety show licensing generates over 3 billion euro in revenue every year. According to a rough estimation, China acquired remake rights to over 200 foreign variety shows between 2010 and 2015. Many had been made into highly popular Chinese shows, such as Voice of China, Dad, Where Are We Going, and Running Man. In addition to the U.S., Chinese variety show producers also got inspirations from countries such as Dutch, Israel, Norway, and Thailand. Read more on entgroup.cn

‘Bumblebee’ Has Made Over $100 Million in China

Without strong competitors, Bumblebee continued to top the box office charts in China last week with 330 million yuan ($48.8 million). Cumulatively, the film has raked in 736 million yuan ($109 million) in the middle kingdom. Last week’s No. 2 and No. 4 are new releases The Big Shot and White Snake. No. 3 on the charts is Kill Mobile, which is a Chinese remake of hit Italian film Perfect Strangers. This week, the China box office is expected continue its lukewarm performance. Read more on Mtime