Headlines from China: The Increasing Importance of Douyin for Film Marketing

The Increasing Importance of Douyin for Film Marketing

This year sees more utilization of short-video platforms in film promotion. Short-videos apps, especially Douyin, have become an essential part of film marketing and publicity in China. According to a report released by Toutiao, among the top 20 highest-grossing films this year, 14  have been officially promoted on Douyin. WeChat media account yiqipaidianying took stock of successful film promotion cases on Douyin and found the following: The most adopted approach in terms of Douyin marketing include: 1. open a Douyin account to post film trailer, clips, behind-the-scene stories; 2. promote a film through celebrity endorsement on Douyin 3.  collaborate with the Douyin company’s marketing team to design campaigns. It is worth noting that not every kind of films suits to promote on Douyin. romance films and comedies are easier to become hits on Douyin, while “main melody” films, suspense films, action films, and VFX films may not work very well on the short-video platform. According to “2018 China’s Short Video Marketing Report” released by iResearch, China’s short video market has reached RMB 14.01 billion. In 2020, the market size is expected to exceed RMB 55 billion, Read more on yiqipaidianying

‘Aquaman’ Gets Extended Theatrical Run in China

Warner Brother announced that Aquaman has been granted a one-month extension to its theatrical run in China. The film will extend its release to February 6, 2019. Opened on December 7, the film has been played in Chinese theaters for 20 days so far, earning RMB1.69 billion (US$245 million) already. ‘Aquaman’ has also opened in North America on December 21st and topped the box office charts on its opening weekend. As of December 23rd, the film has pulled in US$488 million at the worldwide box office. Read more on Mtime

China New Film Policy Encourages Low-priced Tickets

On December 25, the State Council, China’s cabinet, released a circular, announcing that film production companies’ licensing income and film distributors’s distribution income  will be exempt from VAT. This tax-exempt policy has been established since 2014. The new circular marks the policy will be maintained. In addition, through government subsidies, the government encourages cultural enterprises and online movie platforms to arrange low-cost services, including using tier pricing to offer affordable tickets to commercial film screenings and live performances. Read more on Mtime.